Laboratory Equipments

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A Series
Abrasive powder, Aerosol Disinfector, Automatic Knife Sharpner - Arthur Thomas Type, Automatic Knife Sharpner - A.O Spencer Type, Automatic Slide Staining Machines, Autoclaves Portable, Autoclaves Vertical, Autospy Table, Automatic Tissue Processors - improved, Automatic Tissue Processors - latest, Automatic Tissue Processors - Super Deluxe, Automatic Tissue Processors - Electra Model ( Microprocessor Based)

B Series - Bacteriological Incubators, Water Bath-411, Water Bath-412, Serological Water Bath, Block Cabinets, Block Holder, Blood Bank Refrigerator, Blood Cell Counters - 6 Units, Blood Cell Counters - 9 Units, Blood Cell Counters - 12 Units Digital, Bone & Meat Cutting Machines, Bone Decalcifier, B.O.D Incubators

C Series - Cadaverous Injector, Carbon Dioxide Incubator, Chromatography Oven, Chromatography Refrigerator, Colony Counter, Cryoprecipitate Bath, Cryostat Microtome

D Series - De Humidifier, Deluxe Oven, Dental Autoclave, Differential Pressure Manometer (Electronic)

E Series - Ethylene Oxide E.O Gas Sterilizer, Ethylene Oxide E.O Gas Sterilizer - Table Top, Egg Incubator, Elisa Plate Rotator, Embedding Moulds & Rings

F Series - Steri Fermentor, Fibertdec Digestion Apparatus, Forceps Heater, Freeze Dryer, Freezing Microtome, Frozen Semen Storage Cabinet

G Series - Glass Bead Sterilizer, Grossing Table

H Series - Hone Glass, Hot & Cold Sterilizer, Hot Air Oven , Hot Air Sterilizer, Hospital Utensils, Humidifiers, Humidity & Temperature Cabinet, Hybridization Incubator

I Series - Incinerator, Incubator Oven Combined, Incubators, Indusrial Drying Oven, Instrument Sterilizer

K Series - Kjeldhal Dry Block Digestor

L Series - York Laboratory Mills, L-Moulds, Low Temperature Humidity Cabinets, Lux Meter

M Series - Micro Kjeldhal Distillation, Micro Kjeldhal Unit, Micro Slide Cabinet, Microtome Cryostat, Microtome Knife, Microtomes, Mortuary Chamber, Mortuary Freezer, Muffle Furnace

O Series - Dry Heat Sterilizer "HEPA filtered Fresh Air Suction Device- Sterile Hood, Universal Oven

P Series - Parafin Dispenser, Phytotron, Plant Growth Chamber, Plasma Freezer, Plasma Separator, Platelet Agitator, Platelet Incubator, Platelet Rotator, Projector Slide Cabinets, pH Meter / Analyser

R Series - Refrigerated Water Baths

S Series - Scrub Station, Seed Germinator - Single Chamber, Seed Germinator - Single Chamber ( Day Light), Seed Germinator - Dual Chamber, , Seitz Filter, Semen Storage Cabinet, Shaking Machines - Flask (Wrist Action), Shaking Machines - Khan Type, Rotary Flask Shakers - Fixed Speed (Horizontal), Rotary Flask Shakers - Heavy Duty, Single Tissue Processing Unit, Slide Carrying Tray, Slide Racks, Slide Warming Table, Spectroscopy - Spectrophotometer , Stabilizer Servo, Syringe Needle Destroyer

T Series - Table Top Portable Autoclave, Tissue Embedding Moulds Cassette & Rings , Tissue Floatation Bath, Tissue Homogenizers, Tissue Processing Unit, Tray Dryer

U Series - Ultra Cryostat Table Top, Ultra Low Temperature Research Cabinet, Ultra Low Temperature Bath

V Series - V.D.R.L Rotator, Vaccine Storage Cabinet, Vacuum Pump, Voice Communicator, Vortex Mixer

W Series - Walk-in-Humidity Chambers, Walk-in-Incubator, Waste Disposal, Waste Sterilizer, Water Bath Incubator Shaker, Water Bath with Shaker, Water Still Single Distillation, Water Still Double Distillation