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eu5 /eu6 grade 5 micron bag filters
EU5/EU6 5 Micron Bag Filters
Bag filters are available in any size as per customer requirements, depending upon the air volume required to be handled
The filters can be fabricated with/without flange as per customer's choice
Available in casing thickness from 0.5 mm to 1.5 mm in variants of Mild steel/Galvanised steel/Aluminium/Stainles steel with a surface finish of enamel painted or powder coated finish
Media is Non-Woven Polyester fibres chemically bonded with a layer of woven high density poly ethylene (HDPE) mesh for support on the exit side resulting in a media that is mechanically very strong. Other medias can be provided against specific requirements.
Electro - galvanished steel rod grill for bag support.
Bags are intra stitched to prevent bag ballooning
Stitch holes are sealed using synthetic sealants
Bags are sealed with frame using synthetic sealants. Epoxy sealants can be provided on specific requests.
Suitable for EU5 and EU6 operation as per DIN24185 part II or F5 and F6 as per EN779
Initial pressure drop of 8 mm WC.
Filtration efficiency of 99% down to 5 micron for IS7613 test dust No 2.