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Class II Biological Biohazards Safety Cabinets
Biosafety Cabinets Class -II
Biological Safety Cabinets / Bio Hazard Safety Cabinets Class - II
Bio safety cabinets are available in Stainless steel and GI with PU coated construction. Worktables are of removable type and suitable for oven baking. Inner surface are completely line with stainless steel. HEPA filters are of Minipleat type. Differential pressure is monitored through specially designed low-pressure gauges. Working chamber is provided with UV & Illumination tubes. Feather-touch control switch with indicators are provided for the operations of Blower / Illumination / UV - Ultra Violet Lamp
Biosafety cabinets are available with various optional Special features such as VFD controlled air-blowers for adjustable airflow, Operation of UV - Ultra Violet Lamp integrated with the front-door movement to avoid accidental exposure to UV - Ultra Violet rays, warning alarm when differential pressure exceeds the limit to indicate filter choking level, warning alarm when the front sash is opened beyond safety-level
Biosafety cabinets are available in various standard sizes and custom-built sizes to suit user's requirement
Biosafety Cabinet - Class II Recommended for Product, Personnel & Environmental protection
Class II Biosafety Cabinets differ in the proportion of air re-circulated within the cabinet; velocity of airflow to the work zone; where the exhausted air is discharged. Air barrier at the work opening and the contaminated air plenum is under positive pressure. An air barrier between the operator and the work zone is maintained by a flow of room air into a full width grille in the work opening. The barrier air mixes with the laminar flow air in a sump underneath the work surface, and is exhausted to the outside environment through duct via 99.9997% efficiency HEPA filter

Air Cleanliness Class 5 air cleanliness as per ISO 14644-1 , Class 100 air cleanliness as per US Federal Standard 209E
Air Balancing 100% re-circulation
Particle retention 0.3 Micron and above
Note - Optionally ULPA filters can also be fitted to acheive ISO Class 3 air cleanliness within workzone as per ISO 14644-1 (Equivalent to Class 1 air cleanliness as per US Federal Standard 209E, 100 times better than the usual class 100 air cleanliness classification)