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Air Curtains
Air Curtains Air Barriers
Air Curtains
Air Curtains also called as Air Barriers, maintains the interior air conditioning efficiency to save energy, while preventing the entry of dust, harmful insects and fumes from outside.
An invisible door to isolate cooling / heating efficiency of the room from the outside environment
Assures dust proof and deodorizing effect.
Prevents the entry of flying insects
Special features:
Air curtains are made out of CRCA sheets/ Stainless Steel (304) and specially coated with Epoxy powder with the technology of seven tank system.Outer grills made of mild steel coated with Epoxy powder/ PVC coated. Impellers are dynamically balanced for noise free performance. We are specialist in making Flame proof Air Curtains.
Air Curtains field of applications
Pharmaceutical Manufacturers
Food Processing Industries
Microbiology Laboratories
Clean Rooms
Computer Facilities
Cold Storages
Show Rooms
Electrical & Electronic Industries