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Air Shower Entry Systems
Air Shower Entry Systems for Cleanrooms, Animal HousesAir Shower Systems
Air Shower Entry Systems
Air showers are installed before the entry of a controlled environment to avoid contamination through personnel entry. Air Showers employ concentrated airflows to lift off contamination such as lint, dirt, dust etc., while an individual walks through a specially constructed chamber. The high velocity air from jet nozzles ensures efficient scrubbing action necessary to remove particulate matter and contaminated air then flows through sidewalls of the air shower and flows through pre filters and final HEPA filters.
Air Shower / Air Shower Entry Systems available in various options as below
Full Stainless steel construction with polished finish In GI construction with oven baked PU paint finish In ply-lam construction
Available in different sizes as per site requirements
Available in different entry / exit door directions
Available in Class 10000 for particle sizes 0.5 micron & above
Available in fully automatic & partial automatic controls
Optional grated datum
Technical Specifications
Velocity 20 - 25 M/Sec +/- 2
Shower Duration 0 to 120 seconds - adjustable
Nozzle position Right / Left / Top
Blower Static Pressure 75 mm WG
Blower Sound level 75 dB on "A" scale +/- 5
Power Supply 415 V, 3 Phase, 50 Hz
Types of Air Shower Operations One-Way Operation: Door at Cleanroom interior is locked at rest. Door at Cleanroom exterior is unlocked. Person enters and door at Cleanroom exterior locks. Air shower cycle starts. At end of cycle door at Cleanroom exterior stays locked. Door at Cleanroom interior unlocks. Person exits via the door at Cleanroom interior. When door at Cleanroom interior closes, it clocks. Door at Cleanroom exterior unlocks.
Two-Way One-Way Operation:
Only one door at a time can be opened. Both doors are unlocked at rest. Person enters door at Cleanroom exterior. Air shower cycle starts. At end of cycle person exits via door at Cleanroom interior. Alternatively, person can enter via door at Cleanroom interior, proceed through unit and exit via door at Cleanroom exterior without initiating the blowers
Two-Way Operation: Cycle runs in both the direction. Only one door at a time can be opened. Person can go in either direction and the air shower will cycle.