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Clean room sterile dynamic pass through box is self contained units with class 100 laminar air flow unit installed at the entrance to the cleanrooms. They minimize the amount of particulate contamination entering the cleanroom by reducing the operator traffic The laminar flow in the pass box starts runnning, when the doors are opened for material transfer inorder to maintain air cleanliness required for the product. Which is equipped with a mechanical interlock system that prevents both the doors from being opened at the same time
Standard features of Pass through box includes Swing type doors with view panels, Door open indicator, Optional UV lamp Fluorescent tube light
This system provides class 100 as per US FED 209E ( equal to class 5 as per ISO 14644-1 )air cleanliness with in the chamber
Available in Different sizes to suit customer requirement
Available in complete Stainless Steel S.S or Mild Steel M.S with Polyurethene PU coated construction