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Non woven polyester fine filterm Micro Filters, Rigid Bag Filters, Microvee Filters
5 Micron Micro/Rigid Bag/Microvee/Fine Filters
Also called as Micro filters or Rigid bag filters
Fine filters are available in the following sizes
608 x 608 x 300 mm
608 x 608 x 150 mm
508 x 508 x 150 mm
Non-Standard sizes can also be manufactured as per specific customer requirements
The filter casing can be fabricated with/without flange as per customer requirements
Available in casing thickness from 0.75 mm to 1.5 mm in variants of Mild steel/Galvanised steel/Aluminium/Stainless steel with a surface finish of enamel painted or powder coated finish
Non-Woven Polyester fibres chemically bonded & treated to prevent fibre disintegration and carry over is used as filtration media. Other types of filtration media are available on specific request.
3/8" Ø Al pipes as media pleat supports
6 Pleats per running foot
Synthetic adhesives to seal frame with media. Epoxy sealants are available as an option.
Initial pressure drop of 6-8 mm WC
Filtration efficiency of 99% down to 5 micron as per IS7613 test dust no2.
Suitable for EU5 & EU6 operation as per DIN24185 or F5 and F6 as per EN779
Cleanable with compressed air or high speed blower
Pharma processing units Chemical & Fertilizers Plants
Hospitals - Operating Rooms & ICUs Main Frame Computer Installations
Paint Booths Cement Factories
Film Processing Labs Pre filter to Hepa Systems
Mushroom Farms