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Toluidine Blue (1 gm / vl) TO TTC Solution 1% (10 ml per vial)

Code Product Qty. in powder medium in gms
FD051 Toluidine Blue (1 gm / vl)
recommended for detection of deoxyribonuclease activity
M482 DNase Test Agar Base - 0.1 gm

42.00/1000 ml
FD052 Potassium Tellurite 1% (1 ml per vial)
for selective isolation of Staphylococci and Corynebacteria
One vial is sufficient for 500 ml medium:
MM043 Baird Parker Agar Base - 5 ml
M1091 Baird Staphylococcus Enrichment Broth Base
M558 Cholera Medium Base -2ml
M881 Cystine Tellurite Agar Base
M734 Dextrose Proteose Peptone Agar Base-25ml
M882 Diphtheria Viruslence Agar Base-0.5 ml
M259 Mitis Salivariys Agar Base-1ml
M474 Monsur Medium Base-0.5 ml
M268 Mycoplasma Broth Base w/CV-2.85 ml
M402 TPEY Agar Base-100 ml
M14260 Tellurite Blood Agar Base
M448 Tellurite Glycine Agar Base
M1056 Tryptone Tellurite Agar Base -10 ml
M023 Vogel Johnson Agar Base w/o Tellurite

31.50/475 ml
21.50/500 ml
65.10/1000 ml
20.00/500 ml
42.00/950 ml
0.375/10 ml
90.00/1000 ml
7.10/100 ml
21.00/1000 ml
60.00/1000 ml
15.50/500 ml
28.00/500 ml
47.00/950 ml
FD053 Gruft Mycobacterial Supplement
recommended for the selective.cultivation of Mycobacteria.
One vial is sufficient for 500 ml medium:
M162 Lowenstein Jensene Medium Base

9.31/400 ml
FD054 GBS Supplement
for selective isolation and presumptive identification of group B Streptococci.
One vial is sufficient for 500 ml medium:
M1073 GBS Medium Base

55.10/500 ml
FD055 Lactic Supplement
for selective isolation of lactic acid bacteria in beer and brewing processes.
One vital is sufficient for 500 ml medium:
M1072 Lactic Acid Bacteria Selective Agar Base

38.55/500 ml
FD056 G.Vaginalis Selective Supplement
for selective isolation of Gardnerella Vaginalis
One vital is sufficient for 500 ml medium:
M144 Columbia Blood Agar Base
M144A Columbia Blood Agar Base w/1% Agar

22.00/500 ml
19.50/500 ml
FD057 TTC Solution 1% (10 ml per vial)
recommended for the detection of microbial growth by means of TTC reduction
One vial is sufficient for 1000 ml medium:
M1310 CAE (Citrate Azide Enterococcus) Agar Base-10 ml
M586 Crystal Violet Tetrazollium Agar Base -5 ml
M248 KF Streptococcal Agar Base-10 ml
M249 KF Streptococcal Broth Base-10 ml
M1007 KF Streptococcus Agar Base w/BCP-10 ml
M1021 KF Streptococcus Broth Base w/BCP -10 ml
M582 L.S. Differential Medium Base -10 ml
M1119 M-Azide Broth Base - 10 ml
M1409 M-Enterococcus Agar Base Modified n-15 ml
M1113 M-Slanetz Entercoccus Broth Base -10 ml
M6161 Modifide Tergitol 7 Agar Base - 2.5 ml
M514 Motility Medium S Base - 10 ml
M1390 Pagano Levin Base - 10 ml
M1289 SM Selective Agar Base - 10 ml
M616 Tergitol 7 Agar Base - 3 ml
M1217 Tryptone Sucrose Tetrazolium Agar Base - 3 ml

58.40/1000 ml
23.50/1000 ml
76.40/1000 ml
57.00/1000 ml
76.40/1000 ml
56.40/1000 ml
65.30/1000 ml
156.40/1000 ml
71.40/1000 ml
156.00/1000 ml
57.15/1000 ml
60.00/1000 ml
66.00/1000 ml
18.66/1000 ml
33.13/1000 ml
85.50/1000 ml