Laboratory Chemicals

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Laboratory Aids - HEPA Fitted Air Purifiers

Applichem Chemicals - Reprobe Nitrocellulose supported Transfer Membrane - AG, Pure Nitrocellulose unsupported Transfer Membrane - AG, Pure Nylon Neutral Transfer Membrane - AG, Reprobe Nylon Positively Charged Transfer Membrane - AG, PVDF - Star Transfer Membrane - AG, List of High Performance Liquid Chromatography - HPLC Grade Reagents

Bacteriological Differentiation Aids - Disc for Carbohydrate Fermentaion Test, Differentiation Discs and Strips
Readymade Staining Solutions - Simple Stains for Bacteria, Stains for Bacteria and Bovine Cells in Milk, Stains for Blood Films for Spirochaets, Protozoa and other Purposes, Stains for Capsule Staining, Other Stains, Stains for Fungi, Staining of Intestinal Protozoa, Stains for Negative Staining, Stains for Malignant Cells
Kit for Staining Solutions - Kit for Gram Staining, Kit for Metachromatic Staining, Stains for Capsule Staining, Kit for Acid Fast Staining, Stains for Spore Staining, Kit for Blood Films Staining, Kit for Mycobacteria Staining
Readymade Indicator Solutions
Readymade Analytical Reagent Solutions - Liquid

Cell Culture Media - Animal Cell Culture Media - Powder, Balanced Salt Solutions - Powder, for Animal Cell Culture Media, Animal Cell Culture Ready Liquid Media - Sterile, Animal Cell Culture Ready Liquid Salts - Sterile, Liquid Reagents / Chemicals Solutions for Cell Culture - Sterile, Antibiotics Solutions - Sterile, Vitamins Solution - Sterile, Other Reagents, Insect Media - Powder, Insect Media - Liquid, Insect Diets, Amino Acid Concentrates - Powder, Plant Tissue Culture Media - Powder Balanced Salt Solutions - Powder, for Plant Tissue Culture Media

Culture Media Bases - Bacteriological Ingredients Part - I, Bacteriological Ingredients Part - II, Certified Grade Bacteriological Ingredients

Ready Prepared Culture Media - Ready Swabs for Transport Systems, Ready Media Strips for Air Sampler Systems, Ready Water Testing Kits, HiDip Slides with Two Media, HiDip Slides with Three Media, Biphasic Salmonella Culture Media for Blood Specimens, Biphasic Salmonella Culture Media for Stool and Urine Specimens, Biphasic Salmonella Culture Media Salmonella from Food Specimens, Sterility Test Kits, Ready Prepared Slants in Tubes , Ready L.J Media Slants / Kits - I, Ready .J Media Slants / Kits - II, Ready L.J Media Slants / Kits - III, Drifilter Membrane Nutrient Pad Media, Rapid Biochemical Identification Test Kits, Motility Biochemical Test Kits, Ready Prepared Media Plates, Ready Prepared Media in Biplates, Sterile Ready Prepared Solid / Liquid Media in Glass Bottles, Ready Prepared Liquid Medium Polycarbonate Tubes, Prepared HiTouch Plates, HiSafe Blood Culturing System

Antimicrobial Susceptibility Systems

Cell Culture Tested Chemicals

Molecular Biology - Molecular Biology - I , Molecular Biology - II

Water Testing Kits - Total Hardness , Calcium Hardness, Alkalinity Test, Chloride Test, Sulphite Test, Free Chlorine Test, Nitrite Test, Orthophosphate Test, Silica Test, Iron Test, Hydrazine Test