Testing Equipments

Elcometer Testing Equipments

Elcometer Coating Thickness Equipments - Adhesion Testers, Abrasion and Washability , Appearance, Cable Location, Climatic Testing, Coating Adhesion Testing, Dispersion, Dry Film Thickness, Hardness and Scratch, Inspection Accessories, Material Thickness, Pinhole and Porosity, Rebar Locators, Surface Cleanliness, Surface Profile, UG20DL Underwater Thickness Gauge, Wet Film and Powder Thickness
Elcometer Concrete Testing Instruments - Concrete Hardness, Covermeters, Crack Width, Density, Drying Time, Elasticity Deformation, Flash Point, Half Cell Covermeters, Half Cell Meters, Moisture and Climate Measurement, Software, Ultrasonic Transducers, Test Charts, Viscosity, Wall Tie and Stud Locators
Elcometer Metal Detection - Valve Box Locators, Timer Metal Detectors.

Metal Testing Equipments - Computerised Universal Testing Machines, Torsion Testing Machines, Strohleins Carbon and Sulphur Estimation Apparatus, Standard Universal Testing Machines, Digital Vickers Hardness Testers

Rubber Testing Equipments - Tensile Testing Machines, Digital Universal Testing Machines, Aging Ovens, De-Mattia Flexing Machine, DIN Abrasion Tester

Leather Testing Equipments - Leather Digital Tensile Testing Machines

Plastic Testing Equipments - Gel Timer

Textile Testing Equipments - Computerised Textile Universal Testing Machines, Textile Tensile Testing Machines, Digital Textile Universal Testing Machines, Textile Low Pressure Air Permeability Testers, Laboratory Carding Machines

Paint / Coatings Testing Equipments - Salt Spray Chambers

Concrete Testing Equipments - Air Entrainment Meter, Concrete Test Hammer, Flexure Testing Machines, Digital Compression Testing Machines,Concrete Air Entrainment , Concrete Air Permeability Apparatus Blaine Type
Concrete Testing Moulds
- Beam Moulds for Concrete Testing, Cube Moulds for Concrete Testing, Cylindrical Moulds for Concrete Testing, Briquette Moulds for Concrete Testing, Concrete Bulk Density, Concrete Capping Set Cylindrical Moulds, Concrete Mixer, Concrete Consistometer, Concrete Compaction Factor Apparatus
Demountable Mechanical Strain Measurement - Demountable Mechanical Strain Gauges, Digital Compression Testing Machines
Compression Testing Machines - Compression Testing Machines, Compression Testing Machines with Load Gauges , Digital Compression Testing Machines
Flexure Strength for Concrete Slabs
- Flexure Strength Testing Machine for Concrete Slabs, Flow Test for Portland Cement Concrete , Multipurpose Hydraulic Jacks, Integral Proving Rings, Lateral Extensometer for Cement Concrete Cylinders
Drying, Shrinkage and Moisture Movement for Cement Concrete
- Length Comparator for Cement Concrete , Longitudinal Compressometer for Cement Concrete Cylinders
Permeability - Permeability Tester for Cement Mortars and Cement Concrete , Setting time By Penetration Resistance for Mortar Mixture and Concrete Mixes
Consistency and Workability -
Slump Test for Freshly Mixed Concrete
Vibratory Compaction For Cement Compaction -
Vibrating Table for Compaction of Cement Concrete , Needle Vibrator for Compaction of Cement Concrete , Vibrating hammer for Compaction of Cement Concrete , Curing Tank for Concrete Casting Moulds

Cement Testing Equipments - Double Lever Tensile Testing Machine for Cement Briquette , Compressive Strength Machine for Mortar Cubes , Gauging Trowel for Cement Mortar , Gillmore Needle Apparatus for Hydraulic Cement , Jaw Crusher for Aggregates, Ores , Minerals and Coal , Jolting Apparatus for Cement Concrete , Laboratory Ball Mill for Grinding Pigments , Laboratory Cement Autoclave - Analog , Laboratory Cement Autoclave - Digital , Le-Chatelier Apparatus for Hardening Portland Cement , Le-Chatelier Flask, Le-Chatelier Mould, Le-Chatelier Water Bath, Le-Chatelier Water Bath with Digital Indicator and Controller, Mortar Mixer, Pulveriser for Chemical and Cement Industries
Pallet Preparation - Hydraulic - Ring Press for Pallets of Graphite, Vibration Machine for Mixing in Moulds , Consistency and Setting Time for Cement- Vicat Method, Vicat Apparatus, Shrinkage Bar Mould for Concrete Section
Flow and Workability of Mortar and Lime
- Flow of Mortar and Hydraulic Cement, Flow Table, Electrically Operated, Universal Cone Penetrometer, Automatic
Pozzolona Cement Permeability Four Cell Cement Mortar and Concrete Permeability Apparatus BIS Sand - Heat of Hydration of Hydraulic Cement ASTM C - 186/BS 4550

Sand and Aggregate Testing Equipments - Aggregate Impact Tester with Blow Counter, Length Gauge, Los Angeles Abrasion Testing Machine, Los Angeles Abrasion Testing Machine with Silent Canopy , Thickness Gauge , Specific Gravity - Complete Set , Density Basket for Specific Gravity, Aggregate Crushing Value Apparatus

Tile Testing Equipments - Tile Flexure Strength Testing Machine, Tile Abrasion Testing Machine
Petroleum Testing Equipments - Automatic Flash Point Tester- Closed Cup-PenskyMartens, Saybolt Viscometers

Wood Testing Equipments

Paper Testing Equipments

Special Testing Equipments - Foam Porosity Tester, Foam Resilience Testers, Latex Mechanical Stability, Lab Drawdown Coater