R&D, QC, Laboratory Equipments

Autoclaves / Class B Autoclaves / High Speed Sterilizers
Autoclaves Fully Automatic SLE Series Autoclaves Fully Automatic Double Wall Vertical Autoclaves Fully Automatic Vacuum SLL Series
Autoclaves Vertical Standard Non Automatic Autoclaves Preset Automatic Digital PAD Table Top Class B Autoclaves / Table Top Vacuum High Speed Sterilizers
Table Top High Speed Flash Sterilizer with Drying Autoclaves Table Top Highspeed Sterlizers / Autoclaves Vertical Triple Wall Jacketed Standard Autoclaves
Vertical Triple Wall Jacketed Digital Autoclaves Portable standard Non Automatic and Electric Autoclave Automatic Digital Portable Dental Autoclaves

Water Stills and Water Baths / Stirred Baths / Oil Baths
Water Still Automatic for Distilled Water Stainless Steel - SS Water Still for Distilles Water Table Top Compact Water Stills
Digital RPM Shaking Baths Water Bath Concentric Rings Digital GMP Standard Water Bath Serological Digital
Round Immersion Oil Baths Digital-Ultrasonic Bath / Cleaner Digital 2.5L High Frequency 53K Ultrasonic Bath /Cleaners
Refrigerated Circulating Bath 6 Ltr Refrigerated Circulating Bath - 13 LTR and 22 LTR Water Bath Stirred / Constant Temperature Baths
Refrigerated Dry Bath Incubators BOD Incubator Low Temperature Incubator Water Bath Serological Thermostatic
Water Bath Acrylic 5L Oil Bath Round Clear Bottom  

Rotary Vacuum Evaporators and Pumps, Chilled Water Circulators
Rotary Vacuum Evaporator/ Flash Evaporators Rotary Vacuum Evaporator for Schools and Colleges PTFE - Teflon Diaphragm Vacuum Pump, 2 mbar
PTFE - Teflon Diaphragm Vacuum Pump, 20 mbar Digital Vacuum Distaillation Controller Chilled Water Circulator Chiller 4Ltr
Chilled Water Circulator Chiller 25Ltr Digital Controlled Vaccum Oven  

Stainless Steel Equipments
Anaerobic Jar Stainless Steel - SS Stainless Steel - SS Pipette and Petri Dish Sterilizing Box Stainless Steel - SS, Test Tube Rack
Stainless Steel - SS, Dressing Drums Stainless Steel - SS, Slide Staining Assemblies  

Differential Blood Cell Counter Digital, GMP Model Digital Colony Counters, Powder Coated Slide Cabinet, Transparent Anaerobic Jar Polycarbonate, ESR Blood Sedimentation Apparatus, Slide Tray and Staining Stand, Clean Bench / Laminar Air Flow - Bio Hazard Type, Hot Plate & Magnetic Stirrers