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Laboratory Stirrers - Laboratory stirrer with maintenance free AC induction motor. These units are ideally suited for continuous duty stirring applications. These 'Labstir' series stirrers ahv been specially designed with an Ac induction motor control by variable speed AC drive
Click here on Model Numbers for Details - LS 10F, LS 20F, LS 40F, LGS 20F

Laboratory Stirrer and High Speed Emulsifiers - LS 101, LS 102, LS 104, LS 104.1, LS 104.2, LS 104.3, LS 105, LS 107, LS 108, LS 109, LS 110, LS 111, LS 112, , LS 114

Magnetic Stirrers - These equipment are intened for stirring of low viscosity in open or closed vessels. Stirring is accomplished by a magnetised teflon coated paddle to be placed in the container. Each apparatus of this group can be operated on a bench, a stand or a laboratory scaffold as well . The intensity of stirring depending on requirements can be adjusted with the thyristorized voltage controller incorporated which also ensures stepless adjustments from very low to the maximum agitation.
Click here on Model Numbers for Details - MS 201, MS 2011, MS 202, MS 204, MS 210, MS 220

Magnetic Stirrer With Hot Plate - This group of magnetic stirrers are simillar to the conventional magnetic stirrers but have additional hot plate to acheive heating of solutions to be stirred. The heating is controlled by energy regulator which ensures regulation at any desired percentage of the capacity of heater
Click here on Model Numbers for Details - MS 2012, MS 203, MS 205, MS 211

Rotamantle - The rotamantle is a combination of heating mantle cum magnetic stirrer to obtain heating and stirring in round bottom flasks. The unit has two tier construction with the upper compartment consisting heating mantle made of fiber glass yarn and fitted with heating element. The smooth running apparatus utilises the rotating magnetic field from a balanced permanent to induce variable stirring action and uniform heating in closed or open flat bottom or round flasks. The unit is provided with a teflon coated magnetic stirring paddle. The stepless speed control enables stirring from very low to the maximum and the energy regulator controls hte heating at any desired pecentage of the heating capacity
Click here on Model Numbers for Details - RM 100, RM 250, RM 500, RM 501, RM 502, RM 503, RM 505, RM 510, RM 520

Vortex Mixer - VM 301

Motorless Magnetic Stirrer
Click here on Model Numbers for Details - FS 3, FSH 3, FSH 3R