Laboratory Plasticwares

A Series - Amies Agar Gel Swap, Animal Cages, Atomic Model Set, Autoclavable Biohazard Bags

B Series - Beakers, Bench Top Beta Shield, Beta Micro Tube Rack, Biohazard Waste Container, Aspirator with Stopcock, Burette Clamp, Carboy Bottles, Carboy with Stopcock, Dropping Bottles, Narrow Mouth Bottles, Rectangular Aspirator with Stopcock, Standard Taper Stopper, Square Bottles, Wash Bottles, Water Bottles, Wide Mouth Bottles, Burettes, Heavy Duty Vacuum Bottles, Boiling Stones, Handyboy with Stopcock, Jerrican, Rectangular Carboy with Stopcock, Bytac Bench Protector

C Series - Centrifuge Bottles, Centrifuge Tube Conical Bottom, Centrifuge Tube Oak Ridge, Centrifuge Tube Round Bottom, Conical Flask - PP, Conical Flask - PC, Conical Flask with Screw Cap, Baffled Flask, Coplin Jar, Cryo 1° C Cooler, Cryo Box, Cryo Coder, Cryo Rack, Cryo Vials - Sterile, Crystal Model Set, Cylindrical Tank with Cover, Cell Scraper - Sterile, Cryo Box Rack, Cage Bodies, Filter Cover, Label Holder, Raised Bottom Grids, Top Wire Lid, Cell Scrapper, Cryo Babies / Cryo Tags, Cryo Cube Box, Cryo Apron, Cryo Gloves, Cuvette Rack

D Series - Desiccator Plain, Dessicator Vacuum, Clear Desiccator Vacuum, Desiccator Cabinets, Auto Desiccator Cabinets, Mini Secadors, Mini Secador with Gas Ports, Dancing Shakers, Drying Rack, Dura Seal

E Series - Mini Submarine Electrophoresis Unit, Midi Submarine Electrophoresis Unit, Gel Caster For Submarine Electrophoresis Unit, Electrophoresis Power Supply Unit, Mini Dual Vertical Electrophoresis Unit

F Series - Forceps, Funnel, Funnel Holder, Buchner Funnel, Filtering Flask, Filter Funnel with Clamp, Membrane Filter Holder, Safety Waste Funnel, Separatory Funnel, Separatory Funnel Holder, Syringe Filters, Filling / Venting Closure, In-Line Filter Holder 47mm, Open Faced Filter Holder 47mm, Rocker Vacuum Pump, Flask Stand, Float Rack, Powder Funnel, Large Funnel, Reusable Bottle Top Filter

G Series - Gas Bulb, Gel Scoop, Safe Skin Purple Nitrile Gloves, Safe Skin Purple Nitrile Gloves, Glove Dispenser

H Series - Hot Plate, Hand Protector Grip

I Series - Ice Bucket, Immunology Plates, Ice Tray, Imhoff Setting Cone, Imhoff Cone Rack, Instrument Sterilizing Pan

K Series - Kipps Apparatus

L Series - Sterile L-Shaped Spreaders, Sterile Loop and Needle, Lab Soakers, Labelling Tape, Labelling Tape Dispenser

M Series - Magnetic Retreiver, Magnetic Stirrer, Magnetic Stirring Bar, Magnetic Stirrer Motorless, Magnetic Stirrer with Hot Plate, Mini Cooler with Gel Filled Cover, Measuring Cylinder, Micro Centrifuges, Micro Centrifuge Tube, Micro Tube Box, Micro Pestle, Micro Tip, Micro Tip Box, Mini Cooler, Measuring Beaker with Handle, Microscope Slide File, Microscope Slide Tray, Measuring Scoop, Micro Test Plate, Micro Tube Rack, Marker Pen

N Series - N95 Particulate Respirator, Nestler Cylinder Stand

P Series - Pasteur Pipette, PCR Tube, Petri Dish, Pipette Aid, Pipette Bulb, Pipette Controller, Pipette Fixed Volume, Pipette Variable Volume, Pipette Rack, Pipette Serologicals - Sterile, Pipette Stand, Pipette Washers, Plant Tissue Culture Container, Pneumatic Trough, Fast Release Pipette Pump, Pipette Top , Parafilm, PCR Strips, PCR Rack Tube with Cover, Petri Dish Racks, PCR Transfer Tray, Petri Seal, PFA Beaker, PFA Beaker with Handle, PFA Round Bottom Flask, PFA Volumetirc Flask, Pipette Storage Rack, Pipettor Stand

Q Series - Quick Freeze, Quick Grid

R Series - Reagent Reservoir, Ria Vial, Cryo Vials, Cuvette Racks, Drying Racks, Float Racks, Micro Tube Racks, PCR Tube Racks, Petri Dish Racks, Pipette Racks, Scintillation Vial Racks, Slant Racks, Slide Racks, Universal Reagent Reservoir, Reversible Rack, Rack for Reversible Rack

S Series - Safety Waste System, Sample Container, Scintillation Vial, Slide box, Slide Dispenser, Slide Mailer, Slide Rack, Specimen Containers, Specimen Tubes, Flask Stands, Nestler Cylinder Stands, Pipette Stands, Pipettor Stands, Retort Stands, Test Tube Stands, Staining Boxes , Stopcocks, Storage Vials, Syphon, Scoop, Slide Storage Rack, Slide Staining Kit , Safety Goggles, Safety Eye Wear Box, Safety Face Shield, Solvent Resistent Pan, Storage Vial, Stopcock, Student Labware Kit

T Series - Test Tube Baskets, Tissue Culture Flasks-Sterile, Tissue Culture Petri Dishes -Sterile, Tissue Culture Plates-Sterile, Test Tube Cap, Test Tube Mixer, Test Tube Rotator, Test Tube Pag Rack, Tough Tags / Tough Spots, Tough Tag Dispenser, Tygon Vacuum Tubing, Tygon Laboratory Tubing, Tygothane Tubing, Pharma 50 Silicone Tubing, Straight Connector, Elbow Connector, T Connector, Y Connector

U Series - Utility Carriers, Utility Trays, Universal Combi Rack, UV Safety Goggles

V Series - Vaccum Manifold, Hand Operated Vaccum Pump, Volumetric Flasks, Vortex Shaker