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 AccuStandard  ANM Industries
Master Catalog
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Master Catalog - Inorganic Section (Download Only)
Pesticide Standards Reference Guide
Pesticide Guide Supplement NEW
Plastic Additive Standards Guide NEW
Portable Autoclave
Laboratory Refrigerated Centrifuges
High Speed Programmable Centrifuges
Clinical Centrifuges
Personal Centrifuges
Magnetic Stirrers
Laboratory Shakers and Rollers
Dry Bath
COD Digestor
Circulating Water Bath
Super Ultra Sonic Cleaner
Freeze Dryer / Lyophiliser
Micro Plate Reader / Washer
Laboratory Drying Ovens
Vacuum Ovens
BOD Incubators
Laboratory Incubators
Data Logger
Lab Water Systems
Replacement Cartridge for Millipore LWS
Bottle Top Dispenser
Fixed and Variable Volume Pipettes
Tips for Pipettes
 Automation Dr.Nix  Bellingham Stanley
Car Paint Coating Thickness Gauge ADP-410 Automatic Polarimeter
Abbe Refractometer Digital
ADP-440+ Advanced Automatic Polarimeter
RFM700 Economical Digital Automatic Refractometer
ADS-420 & ADS-480 Saccharimeter
RFM300+ Automatic Refractometer
D7 LED Light Manual Polarimeter
RFM900+ Advanced Refractometer
 Brookfield  Co FO ME GRA
Brookfield Analog/Dial Viscometer
Brookfield CAP-1000+ Single Shear Rate
Brookfield DV-E Digital Economical Viscometer
Brookfield CAP-2000+ Broad Shear Rate
Brookfield DV-I Prime Digital Viscometer
Brookfield Viscosity Standards
Brookfield DV-II+ Pro Programmable Viscometer
Brookfield Circulating Water Bath
Brookfield DV-III Ultra Advanced Viscometer
Brookfield High Temperature Thermosel
Brookfield KU-2 Krebs Viscometer (Stormer Viscometer)
Brookfield Wells Cone & Plate
Color Reflection Densitometers
Solarbox Xenon Test Chambers
Corrosion Box - Salt Spray Chambers
 Cyberlab  Haver & Boecker
Cyberlab UV-Vis Spectrophotometer
Cyberlab PCR
Cyberlab HPLC Systems
Cyberlab HPLC/GC Vials, Septa & Caps
Cyberlab Gas Chromatograph
Cyberlab Syringe Filters
Cyberlab Rotary Evaporator
Cyberlab Liquid Handling Pipettes
Cells for UV/VIS/Fluorimeter spectrophotometers
Cells for IR and FTIR Spectrophotometers
Crimp Top Vials for HPLC/GC
Cyberlab Push-in Cap Vials
Cyberlab Screw Top Vials for HPLC/GC
Cyberlab Caps & Septa for Vials
Cyberlab Snap Top Vials for HPLC/GC
Cyberlab Micro Volume Inserts
Cyberlab PP Vials
Cyberlab Vial Kits for Agilent GC/HPLC/MS
Cyberlab High Recovery Vials
Cyberlab Vial Kits for Waters HPLC/MS/UPLC
Cyberlab Crimp Top Vials for GC Head Space
Cyberlab Vial Kits for Dionex HPLC/IC
Cyberlab Screw Top Vials for GC Head Space
Cyberlab Vial Kits for Shimadzu GC/HPLC/MS
Cyberlab Vial Kits for Perkin Elmer GC/HS/HPLC
Cyberlab Vial Kits for Thermo GC/HS/HPLC
Cyberlab Vials, Septa, Caps & Micro Volume Inserts for Renowned HPLC & GC Systems
Test Sieve Shaker
 Hirayama  HST
Hirayama Sterilizers
Hirayama Medical Equipments
Hirayama Anaerobic Incubators
Hirayama Biohazard Preventive Sterilizers
Hirayama HAST/ PCT equipments
Bench-top Ultrasonic Cleaner
 ICL  Interscience
Cells for Spectrophotometers IR and FTIR Sterile bags for lab blenders
Gravimetric dilutors
BagMixer® Lab blenders
Lab tools
Dispensing pumps
Bacterial enumeration with Plate and Count
Automatic sample platers
Automatic colony counters
 James Cox & Sons Inc  Kinesis
Rolling Thin Film Oven HCL - Hollow cathode Lamp for AA Spectrophotomters
GC Capillary Columns
TELOS HPLC & UHPLC Columns Commercial Equivalent Media Range
DIBA Columns
TELOS Polymeric Solid Phase Extraction Columns
D2 Lamps for HPLC
HPLC Solvent Bottle Cap
HPLC Waste Manifold & Tubing Kits
HPLC Waste Manifold & Tubing Kits
HPLC Spares
Long life Deuterium Lamps (L2D2)
AA Hollow Cathode Lamps (AA-HCL)
Deuterium Lamps (D2)
2" AA HCL for Perkin Elmer
Tungsten/Halogen visible Lamps (W1)
Pump Spares (Waters, Agilent, Shimadzu, etc.
Xenon Lamps (Xe)
Pump Maintenance Kits (PM Kit)
 Lancer  Lo Pho Pack
Undercounter Glassware Washers
Industrial Washers
Freestanding Washers & Dryers
Racks and Baskets
Large capacity Washers
Cleaning Chemicals
Pharmaceutical GMP Washers
Crimp Top Vials for HPLC/GC
Push-in Cap Vials
Screw Top Vials for HPLC/GC
Caps & Septa for Vials
Snap Top Vials for HPLC/GC
Micro Volume Inserts
PP Vials
Vial Kits for Agilent GC/HPLC/MS
High Recovery Vials
Vial Kits for Waters HPLC/MS/UPLC
Crimp Top Vials for GC Head Space
Vial Kits for Dionex HPLC/IC
Screw Top Vials for GC Head Space
Vial Kits for Shimadzu GC/HPLC/MS
Vial Kits for Perkin Elmer GC/HS/HPLC
Vial Kits for Thermo GC/HS/HPLC
Vials, Septa, Caps & Micro Volume Inserts for Renowned HPLC & GC Systems
 Lovibond  Matec Applied Sciences
Lovibond Tintometer
ColorPod for Honey & EBC
Automatic Lovibond Tintometer
Comparator & Color Disc
Hazen/Gardner/APHA Colour System
On-line Colorimeters
Reference Standard Materials
Reflectance Tintometer (Powder/Solid)
Lovibond Water Analysis
pH/TDS/DO Meters
CHECKIT Comparator & Discs
Rapid Test Kits & Arsenic Test Kits
BOD Incubators
Pool & Spa Products Turbidity Meter
Reagent Tablets & VARIO Powder Packs
Matec Applied Science Particle Size Analyzer with Zeta Potential
Total Particle Size Analysis
High Resolution Zeta Potential Analyzer
 Nabertherm  Normalab
Professional Furnaces with Flap Door or Lift Door
Compact Muffle Furnaces
High Temperature Chamber Furnaces with SiC Rod Heating
Compact Tube Furnaces
Universal Tube Furnaces with Stand for Horizontal or Vertical Operations
Automatic Atmospheric Distillation of Petroleum Products
Half Automated Distillation
Halt Automated D 1160 Instruments
Determination of REID Vapour
Fully Automatic Pensky Martens Flash Point Tester
Half Automatedc Pensky Martens Flash Point Tester
Half Automated Cleveland Flash Point
Automated Abel Flash Point Tester
Foaming Characteristics of Lubricating Oils
Semi Automatic Demulsibility Tester, Water Separability of Petroleum & Synthetic Fluids
Air Release Value - Impinger Method
Oxidation Stability of Steam Turbine Oil & Mineral Insulating Oils by Rotating Test Cylinder
Fully Automatic Model of penetration value determination
Penetrometer - Manual Model
Ductility of Bituminous materials
Automatic Softening point of Bitumen ring and Ball
Grease Worker - Half Automated
Rotating Cylinder Ageing Test for Bitumen (RCAT Method)
Fully Automated Cloud and Pour Point Tester
Basic Cloud and Pour point test Cabinet with integrated Cooling
Fully Automated Cold Filter Plugging Point
Manual Viscosity Bath
Automatic Viscometer Washer
Viscometer Tubes with Calibration Certificates
Saybolt Redwood Viscometer
Aniline Point and Mixed Aniline Point of Petroleum Products & Hydrocarbon Solvents
Determination of Carbon Residue (Micro Method) Fully Automatic Micro Conradson Tester MCRT
Fully Automated Induction Period and Oxidation Stability Tester
Automatic Filter Blocking Tendency of Distillate Fuel Oils (FBT) Determination
Detection of Copper & Silver Corrosion from Petroleum Products
Existent Gum in Fuels by Jet Evaporation
Automatic Blending Units for Ocatane & Cetane Reference Fuel (Blending)
Salts in Crude Oil (Electronic Method)
Oxidation Characteristics of Inhibited Mineral Oils
Centrifuge for Petrol and Mineral Oils
Saybolt Color of Petroleum Products
 Novasina  Ortoalresa
LabTouch Smart Water Activity Measurement
LabMaster Water Activity Measurement
LabSwift Portable Water Activity Measurement
Bench-top Centrifuge
High-speed Centrifuge
Centrifuge Tubes
Refrigerated Centrifuge
PCR Tubes
Floor Standing Centrifuge
Micro Plates
Blood Bag Centrifuge
Blood Bags
Centrifuge for Petrols & Mineral Oils
Cell Culture Centrifuge for Tissue Regeneration (Platelet & fat concentrates)
 Parker Balston  Polyscience
Hydrogen Generator
Nitrogen Generator
Zero Air Generator
Ultra High Purity N2 Generator
Air Compressor
Industrial Nitrogen Generator
Gas Regulators
Refrigerated Circulators
Heated Circulators
Recirculating Coolers
Water Baths
and Custom Equipment
 Prentex  Presidium
Pressure Aging Vessel - PAV
Vacuum Degassing Oven - VDO
High Pressure Vessels
High Vacuum Vessels
Cryogenic Vessels
Nickel Alloy Vessels
Copper Alloy Vessels
Chemical and Process Vessels
Vessels with Temperature and Pressure Control
Vessels with Vacuum And Heat Controls
Diamond Mate
Moissanite Tester
Multi Tester
Reflectivity Tester
Gem Tester
Gem Computer Gauge
Electronic Gemstone Gauge
Dial Gauge
 RAL Colours  ROYCE Technologies
RAL Effect
RAL Classic
RAL Color Feeling
RAL Design
Portable Total Suspended Solids
PPM Dissolved Oxygen Analyzers
Total Suspended Solids Analyzers
Multi-Channel Suspended Solids Analyzers
Air Cleaning Compressors
Interface Level Analyzers
 Sartorius Stedium  SCHOTT Instruments
Sartorious Filter Dispensers
Sartorious Sterility Test Systems
Sartorious Ultra-filtration
Sartorious Filter Holders
Sartorious Syringe Filters
Sartorious Venting Units
Sartorious Bio Filters
Sartorious LAL Test Kits
Sartorious Absorbent Pads
Sartorious Air Samplers
Minisart High Flow
Minisart Regenerated Cellulose
Minisart SRP - PTFE
Minisart Nylon Disposable Membrane Filter Holders
Minisart Disposable Syringe Filter Holders
Minisart GF Disposable Syringe Filter Holders
Minisart plus Disposable Syringe Filter Holders
Membrane Filter Cellulose Acetate - Low Adsorption Cellulose
Acetate Membranes for the filtration of aqueous solutions
Membrane Filter Cellulose Acetate - Cellulose nitrate Membranes,
for Sample Pretreatment particle testing and chemotaxis Membrane Filter Gridd Membrane - Cellulose Nitrate Membranes - Grided Membranes
Membrane Filter PRFE/RC - Chemical Resistant regenerated cellulose
membranes, for the filtration of rganic solvents
Prefilter Glass Fibre Membrane Filter & Hodlers
Filter Dispensers
Sterility Test Systems
Filter Holders
Syringe Filters
Venting Units
Bio Filters
LAL Test Kits
Absorbent Pads
Air Samplers
pH Meters
Conductivity Meters
Ion Meter / Analyzer / pH Meter / ISE
Electrochemistry Analyzer pH/ISE/DO/Conductivity
ProLab 3000 High end pH/Ion Meter
ProLab 4000 High End pH/Ion/Conductivity Meter
COD System
BOD System
Turbidity Meter
pH/TDS/DO Meters
SensoDirect 200 / 300
pH/TDS/DO Meters SensoDirect 150 / 110
Spectrophotometer SpectroDirect
Comparator / Color Disc / Nessleriser
Shimadzu Semi-micro Analytical Balances
Shimadzu Carat Balances
Shimadzu Analytical Balances
Shimadzu Jewellery Balances
Shimadzu Precision Balances
Shimadzu Moisture Balance
Shimadzu Top Loading Balances
Shimadzu Platform Balances
Siemens Ultra Pure Water
Siemens UltraClear Series LWS
Siemens Pure Water
Siemens LaboStar Series LWS
Siemens Reverse Osmosis Water
Siemens El-Ion series LWS
Siemens Deionized Water
Siemens Compact Series LWS
Siemens Electro Deionization
Siemens EuRO Series LWS
Siemens Replacement Cartridges
Siemens Pre Filtration Kit
Melting Point Apparatus
Digital Melting Point Apparatus
Automatic Melting Point Apparatus
Rotary Abraser
Linear Abraser
Reciprocating Abraser
Fabric Stiffness Tester
Grid Feeder Tree Body Abrasion Tester
Webbing Abrasion Tester
Sample Cutter
Oscillating Abrasion Tester
Shear scratch Tester
Multi finger Scratch
Stiffness Tester
Multi media Abraser
 Thermo Scientific  TQC
Thermo Scientific UV Vis Spectrophotometer
Thermo Scientific FT IR Spectrophotometer
Thermo Scientific GC GAs Chromatograph
Viscosity Cups
Viscosity Cup with Interchangeable Nozzles
Wet Film Thcikness Gauge
Hegman Gauge / Fineness Grindometers
Automatic Film Applicator
Baker Film Applicator
Bird Film Applicator
Spiral Bar
Pecil Hardness Tester- Wolf Wilborn
Pendulum Hardness Tester
Gloss Meters
Coating Thickness Gauge for Metals
Coating Thickness Gauge for Wood, Concrete, Plastics
Super PIG III Destructive Paint Inspection Gauge
Master Paint Plate (Cross Cut Adhesion Test Kit)
Cross Cut Adhesion Test Kit
Cylindrical Bend Test inlcuding Mandrel Set
Bend Test Conical Mandrel
Automatic Cupping Tester
Impact Tester
Wet Abrasion Scrub Test / Washability Test
Salt Spray Corrosion Test Cabinet
CURVE - X2 USB Oven Data Logger Travelling Temperature Recorder - TTR
Dewcheck 4 The Climate Gauge for Balsting & Coating
Surface Profile Gauge
Positest Gauge
Bresle Kit - Chloride Test Kit
 Wilks  W.S Tyler
Oil in Water / Soil Analyzers Sieve Shaker EML Series for 200mm - 315mm
RO-Tap Series
2D & 3D action Sieve Shaker
Test Sieves Brass - Certified
Test Sieves Stainless Steel - Certified
Sieve Shaker UWL Series for 400mm extremely powerful & silent