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List of Paints / Coating Testing Equipments
Other Paint / Coating Testing Equipments Corrosion Cabinets

Scratch Hardness Testers (Manually and Automatic)
Flexibility & Adhesion Testers
Conical Mandrel Apparatus
Cross Cut Testers
Pressure Test Apparatus
Pendulum Impact Testers
Variable Impact Testers
Du Pont Impact Testers
Wet Abrasion Testers
Wear Tester for Road Marking Paints
Non-Slip Tester for Deck Paints
Consistency Testers
Automatic Mullers
Accelerated Leaching Apparatus
Fire Retardability Test Apparatus
Volatile Matter Content Testers
Weight per Ten Litre Cups
Flow Cup Viscometers
Hegman Gauges
Gloss Meters
Chequer Board for Weight Opacity
Stormer Viscometers